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Criminal Defense

As a lawyer, I acknowledge that sometimes we make mistakes along the way. However, it is oftentimes difficult for the justice system to differentiate our mistakes from the real crimes.  If you made a mistake for which you are now accused of a crime, I can help you.  If you have a legal problem, let me help you solve it.


As an attorney and private citizen, I am committed to preserving and broadening our civil rights in Northern California and the United States.

As a citizen, I am philanthropically oriented.  The proclamation, "Ask not what your country can do for you" seems to have fallen by the wayside; yet, it is certainly our responsibility to care for each other and ourselves, not that of someone else.  


The best approach, in my view, is to encourage the undertaking of personal and civic responsibility instead of the discouragement thereof.  As a result, I have always been a volunteer in the community.

Attorney Geoff A. Dulebohn

Geoff A. Dulebohn, Esq.

Geoff A. Dulebohn, Esq.

"My Client Pleads Not Guilty, Your Honor". Without help, you are waiving your Constitutional Rights.

Don't Get Left Out in the Cold

Don't Get Left Out in the Cold

Yes. If You Are Reading This, You Need to Hire a Lawyer.

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